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A    N    K    H      1   1

2016 Infused Dyes Sublimated on Aluminum with Float Back Framing,
High Gloss Finish & Initials Engraved on Front (60 X 40") at $5600.


S E C R E T S   O F   T H E   A N K H


In this series "Ankh" we are exploring a variety of perspectives of the ancient Egyptian Ankh. The Christians omitted the complete loop of the ankh so that they would not directly show a connection with the old Egyptian religion, but it is obvious that they wanted this powerful "cross symbol" to represent Christianity. One of the many secrets of the Ankh is that it is a representation of the three different perspectives (above, front, and side views) of how Life Force energy travels around the human body. The loop at the top is symbolic of how the kundalini energy spirals (like a DNA strand) around the Djed Pillar in the center which symbolizes the spinal column.


Thousands of years before the Sufis, the secrets of the Life Force were taught among the Egyptian Djedi (pronounced jedi) who were powerful guardians that protected the Egyptian Pharaohs. But even the Djedi Knights of Egypt may have received their knowledge of the Force from a much earlier pre-historical Djedi Order on Atlantis. One Djedi priest mentioned in the Egyptian’s Westcar Papyrus is said to have possessed the key that opened the “secret chambers of the sanctuary of Thoth.” 


The name “Djedi” comes from the hieroglyph depicting the Djed pillar or column meaning “stability” and is the symbolic backbone or spine of the god Osiris. The root word or sound Dj denotes “serpent.” Ergo, a Djedi was one who had awakened the Dj or sacred Serpent of Light at its seat and then raised it up his or her Djed pillar or spine to the crown of the head.


Many esoteric historians believe that Thoth was a Master of the Force from Atlantis. The Greeks related Thoth to their god Hermes due to the fact that they shared his similar attributes and responsibilities. Thoth was also one of the most important gods in the Egyptian pantheon and was almost always depicted holding a scepter (symbolizing power) in one hand and an ankh (a symbolic key to the breath of life) in the other. Some believe that Merlin the Magician from the Arthurian Legend was the same soul as Thoth. The Gnostic texts “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth” and “The Divine Pymander” reveal that Thoth was the also architect of the Great Pyramid. Through Thoth’s alchemy, the esoteric symbol of the caduceus (a winged serpent sphere with two strands of DNA entwined around a scepter) could awaken the dormant Serpent of Light, the fiery Force located at the base of the spine, and then raise it upwards, where it would ultimately express itself through spiritual enlightenment, psychic powers, supernatural abilities, and gnostic wisdom. This marked the Djedi’s initiation into the Djedi order.


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