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A   R   I   E   L     2

2015 Oil, Acrylic, on Canvas (24 X 18" unframed) SOLD at $920.



Archangel Ariel is well known as the Lioness of God as this is the direct translation from Hebrew. She is a powerful Archangel, and a magnificent spiritual being. Archangels each have specific missions and duties to carry out the Divine Will and acting as messengers of Divine Love for humanity.


Archangel Ariel oversees nature and the natural world and she acts as a liason between humanity and the elementals, fairies, gnomes, elves, sprites, animals, crystals, minerals, air, and the Divine magic of the earth. If you have a desire to connect with the fairies, elementals, or nature magic of any sort, Ariel is the perfect Archangel to call upon to help you safely and effectively tune in.


While Archangels are technically genderless, they often appear in the form of one gender or another, and to me, Ariel has always appeared in a feminine form (and usually as a red-head). As Ariel is closely tied to nature, her service involves healing nature, plants and animals, and part of her mission is to help cleanse and heal the earth.


As Ariel is closely tied to nature, her service involves healing nature, plants and animals, and she is almost always present where conservation efforts, or projects to help cleanse and heal the earth are taking place.


Ariel also works closely with Archangel Raphael who is well known to be the Archangel overseeing healing, and she will assist in efforts to bring healing to humans and animals.  If you wish to feel the presence of Archangel Ariel, go outside and commune with the natural world which is where she resides.


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