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Jason Lincoln Jeffers has been studying Western Astrology since the age of six -- for 48 years. He has casted thousands of charts and applies his clairsentience (clear knowing) to his counseling which adds more accuracy and a deeper dimension to the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing of each client.

Jason has been an online life & wellness counselor since 2011. His training consists of over twenty years self-educated in the schools of transpersonal and Jungian psychology, as well as alternative medicine and nutrition. Jason went from being chronically ill for over a decade with chronic fatigue syndrome and numerous other "incurable" diseases to a state of perfect health and well-being. He also founded the wellness company, Sunlighten, one of the fastest growing companies in America for three years in a row in the early 2000's.

In 2012 Jason self-published his first book, The Next Human ~ A Guide to Personal & Collective Evolution, which was critically well-received and continues to help serve as a beacon of hope and peace for humanity , guide to personal evolution, as well serve as the perfect literary compliment to the visually stunning, healing, and transformative Multidimensional Fine Art.

The astrology reading and life & wellness counseling session is given either via Skype or over the phone and there are three astrology readings he offers:

Natal Reading

Transit Reading

Synastry (Compatibility) Reading


$125 per hour

To request a reading and/or counseling simply email him with your birth date, time (can be found on your birth certificate) and place at and he will schedule an appointment with you. To buy the book which contains all of his knowledge and wisdom regarding psychology and alternative medicine, to go here.

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