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B  U  T  T  E  R  F  L  Y


"As I write this, 17,500 nuclear warheads on Planet Earth are considered operational and at least 4,000 of them are on hair-trigger alert. The nations of North Korea and Iran are scrambling to add their own warheads to the list. Pakistan’s government is becoming more unstable every day from the threat of a radical extremist takeover. Its current nuclear arsenal consists of over 100 warheads, armed and ready. Consider this: all it takes is the launch of one of them to cause a chain reaction that could annihilate hundreds of millions in a blink of an eye. Now consider the alternative: evolution."

~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers, The Next Human 


The butterfly (along with the scarab beetle & dragonfly) is one of only a handful of insects that undergo a "complete" metamorphosis (others have only "partial or subtle" transformations). In this beautiful series we explore the multidimensional aspects of the majestic butterfly and its metaphorical implications for humanity along with its potential for a mass evolution.


SoulsChantal Krevuziak
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