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A E O N  5 :  A  M A Y A N  U F O



Confucius once said that you must first study the past to define the future. In this highly mysterious and powerful series, we will explore the secret origins of our beloved human species and the nebulous and archaic cultures that have inhabited our planet throughout history. Ancient esoteric structures, reliefs, symbols, and glyphs are fashioned here to emulate the original artifacts as if they've been subject to entropy for AEONS.

A  M A Y A N  G L Y P H

The Mayans used to construct one pyramid over another. In the site at Calakmul, workers discovered rooms inside the pyramid that have never been seen or explored before. Some of the finds found in these newly discovered rooms, plus some finds that have been held by the Mexico Government. In the archeology section forgotten the country publicly unveil a series of pieces the Maya discovered there in the 1920s by a team of National Institute of Anthropoly and History (INAH) on the site of Calakmul , Mexico. These Mayan artifacts are clearly depicting aliens and alien craft. According to unverified sources some of the artifacts have been protected by the Mexican government for 80 years. 

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