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    B  U  T  T  E  R  F  L  Y   1 0

2021 Digital, Infused Dyes Sublimated onto Aluminum with Float Back Framing, High Gloss Finish, (30x 45") at $3800.

butterfly 10.jpg



"As I write this, 17,500 nuclear warheads on Planet Earth are considered operational and at least 4,000 of them are on hair-trigger alert. The nations of North Korea and Iran are scrambling to add their own war- heads to the list. Pakistan’s government is becoming more unstable every day from the threat of a radical extremist takeover. Its current nuclear arsenal consists of over 100 warheads, armed and ready. Consider this: all it takes is the launch of one of them to cause a chain reaction that could annihilate hundreds of millions in a blink of an eye. Now consider the alternative: evolution."

~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers, The Next Human 


The butterfly (along with the scarab beetle & dragonfly) is one of only a handful of insects that undergo a "complete" metamorphosis (others have only "partial or subtle" transformations). In this exciting series we explore the multidimensional aspects of the transformational, healing, colorful, and beautiful butterfly.


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butterfly 10.jpg
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