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G   L   Y   P   H    6

2018  oil, acrylic on paper  (30 x 23") at $920. Custom framing available.

Signed, titled, dated on back and initialed on front.

glyph 6.jpg

G  L  Y  P  H

This series is based on the ancient symbols and glyphs throughout history. Every ancient culture has its own unique symbols of planets, constellations, gods, goddesses, archetypes, and the like, as they were a form of communication and language, emanating a specific frequency and vibration. Glyphs are powerful imagery that trigger an immediate response from the collective unconscious, and can be used for either good or evil. The glyphs in this series, when viewed by the observer, emanate a healing and transformational effect, sparking or facilitating the evolution of the soul.

r glyph 6.jpg

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Email us at or text to 314.488.0027 and request to be invoiced. Please include your address so that we can calculate exact shipping fees. We welcome offers, have a 7-day return policy, and accept all major credit cards through Paypal.  

glyph 6.jpg
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