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G L Y P H  3 8
2021 oil, mica pigment on stretched canvas (40 x 60") at $7200.

glyph 38.jpg

G  L  Y  P  H 

In this powerful new series, we explore the glyphs and symbols that date back to the beginning of dated history. Aboriginal, Maya, Hopi, Inca, Egyptian, Asian, Sumerian, African, Indian, and other ancient cultures all communicated through glyphs. Even today, the letters and words that you are reading here are, in fact, GLYPHS. To better understand our past, I believe it is wise to understand the commonalities between the glyphs of various civilizations. Through this series we will bring to you the intrigue, knowledge, and beauty of these mysterious symbols that can be found through the ancient  geoglyphs, petroglyphs, and hieroglyphs.


d3 glyph 38.jpg
d1 glyph 38.jpg
r glyph 38.jpg
glyph 38.jpg
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