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M  A  S  K    2
2021 oil, mica pigment on stretched canvas (24 x 36") at $2900.

mask 2.jpg

[Inca Funerary Mask,10th century A.D]



In this mysterious series we explore the masks from cultures and civilizations from six continents dating back into ancient history. On a subtler note, we will also tap into the darker expressions of the subconscious mind, what Carl Jung referred to as "the shadow," and what I call "The Phantom Self." It is the "unknown face" that lies just beyond the threshold of consciousness. The ancients were well aware of this dark side of humanity and they incorporated it into their art. It is now our aim to bring many of these magnificent works back into the public eye so that we may appreciate the depth of their spirituality and creativity. Please enjoy.

d mask 2.jpg
r mask 2.jpg
mask 2.jpg
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