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M   U   L   T   I   V   E   R   S   E      1   7

2017 Oil, Digital, Dye Transfer Sublimated to Aluminum with Float Back Framing,
High Gloss Finish & Initials Engraved on Front, Certificate of Authenticity with Signature, Title & Date (36 x 24") at 2200.

T H E   M U L T I V E R S E

"As mentioned in Evolution 501, every particle or object, from the tiniest quark to the largest quasar, and every single form of creation in between, is in you and not physically “out there.” This is what I call the innerverse  [multiverse] or what quantum physicists call “nonlocality.” This current theory in physics of nonlocality poses that by your very nature, you are seamlessly connected to everything in the universe; the planets, stars, galaxies, and to every soul in existence...

...In quantum mechanics there’s a principle known as entanglement or nonlocal connection. This is no longer a theory but a real phenomenon. The physicists John Bell and Alain Aspect established that the universe at its most basic level is nonlocal. It proves that—once particles physically interact at the quantum level—information between them no longer needs to travel from point A to point B because it doesn’t need to travel at all. This interpretation presents us with the vision of a participatory universe [multiverse] in which everything is unified and interdependent: a seamless whole...

...If you take a holographic portrait of your mother (from head to foot) and produce the photo onto holographic film, then with a pair of scissors cut out just her face and then enlarge that portion to the photo’s original size, the result will not be an enlarged version of your mom’s face, but rather a restored portrait of the original whole-body version. In other words, in each tiny, little pixel of the picture will be stored all the information of the source imprint or whole picture in condensed form. Similarly, if you were able to convert your favorite movie into a holographic film, and you cut out one single “frame” of that film, then that would mean that one single frame must retain all the information of every other frame in the entire movie. And so now I ask you: what if life itself was being projected to us by a sort of virtually interactive “holographic projector,” but instead of a movie or TV screen receiving the imagery, it’s being converted from a 2D source imprint to 3D reality solely by an organic “holographic computer” that you call your brain? Well, according to the holographic principle in quantum physics, it is...

...for every scene that you view as a 3D reality, there is concurrently a 2D holographic film version of it that’s completely scrambled yet contains the same exact information. In other words, it is the human brain that unscrambles the holographic version of what we perceive as reality or what Plato referred to as the “world of forms.” What you are constantly interpreting as reality in this...[multiverse] nothing less than a single unified frequency manifesting itself into a holographic 3D, interactive, virtual movie. In the underlying frequency realm, everything is timeless, spaceless, nondual, and One. A Source consciousness."

~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers, "The Next Human"

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