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M U L T I V E R S E  1
2023 oil, acrylic, plaster, gilding on paper (24 x 18") at $490.

multiverse 1.jpg


In this new series we will explore the symbols, structures, and archetypes that reflect the myriad of planes and parallel dimensions that exist within the multiverse. The ancients had the ability to travel through multiversal 'shortcuts' called 'wormholes' also known in physics as an "Einstein-Rosen Bridge." The 20th Century Master Painter, Mark Rothko, explored these 'portals' in his extensive works of 'rectangles' and it is now, in the 21st Century, our humble intent to continue and build upon his brilliant concept of Multiversal Expressionism.

d6 multiverse 1.jpg
d4 multiverse 1.jpg
d multiverse 1.jpg
r2 multiverse 1.jpeg
multiverse 1.jpg
r3 multiverse 1.jpeg
multiverse 1.jpg
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