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E  S  S  E  N  '  S    H  E  A  R  T 

"Into my field of cognizance came a treasure of artworks by Jason Lincoln Jeffers, where his talent, intelligence, and depth of understanding were readily apparent. Eeach work was a signpost and a clear indication that he is onto something significant in our history of consciousness, tapping into worlds unseen, and documenting each step of the journey."

~ David Bradtke, Professor of Fine Art, University of Melbourne, Australia


 E S S E N ' S   H E A R T

This series is inspired from the divine love that was shared by the ancient Egyptian Queen Ankhesenamun and her twin soul and Pharaoh King Tutankhamun. This eternal and spiritual love is currently being duplicated in every twin soul that is now reuniting on a planet that so desperately needs their higher frequency, heart-chakra-based love.


'When the heart chakra is opened, cleared, and balanced, we learn to love our Selves and others unconditionally—without judgment, condemnation, or expectation. Compassion, acceptance, and intimacy flow freely from the heart. This chakra is also associated with charity, philan- thropy, altruistic endeavors, and all forms of psychic healing. When the heart chakra is in balance we feel uninhibited yet grounded. We accept and love our Selves unconditionally. We are trusting and have opened our hearts to receive love, compassion, and generosity from others.

There is also a secret chamber to the heart chakra that is called ananda-kanda or “seat of bliss” in Sanskrit. It is located inside the human heart, which is about an inch lower and to the left of the main heart chakra. Its mandala contains eight lotus petals and consists of a “three- fold flame” that is the source of (from left to right) authentic power, authentic wisdom, and authentic love. The colors of the three flames are sky blue, light yellow, and soft pink, respectively."

- Jason Lincoln Jeffers, The Next Human

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