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G R E E N  T A R A

T  H  E   G  O  D  D  E  S  S
Q    U    A    N      Y    I    N 
For millenia, Quan Yin has epitomized the great ideal of Mahayana Buddhism in her role as bodhisattva, a "being of Bodhi,” or enlightenment, who is destined to become a Buddha but has foregone the bliss of Nirvana with a vow to help all of humanity to evolve into the Next Human.
Quan Yin carries the Goddess and Divine Mother aspect of Buddhism, and is comparable to Mother Mary in Christianity. In the ancient Egyptian mystery schools she is represented by Isis. In Hinduism; she is Shakti, wife of Shiva. In Tibetan Buddhism; Green Tara.  
In its proper form it is Kuanshih Yin, which means "She who harkens to the cries of the world." In Korea, Japan, and China she is called Quan Yin, a celestial bodhisattva and ascended master. One of her duties in the celestial spheres is to sit on the board of the Lord of Karma.  
Quan Yin's name is a translation of the Sanskrit name, Avalokitesvara, which to Tibetans is Buddha's earthly representative and chief guardian of the dharma (doctrine) until the advent of Maitreya Buddha. Quan Yin is the embodiment of compassion and unconditional love expressed as the Feminine Divine. 


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