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T H E   U R F A   M A N 

2021 Oil, Mica Pigment on Canvas (30 x 24") at $1600.

Signed, titled, dated on back and initialed on front.

urfa man.jpg


The Urfa Man, also known as the Balıklıgöl statue is a human shaped statue found in excavations in Balıklıgöl near Urfa, in the southeast of modern Turkey. Nearly two meters tall it is dated circa 9000 BC to the period of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, and is considered as "the oldest naturalistic life-sized sculpture of a human." But ironically, the Urfa Man does not look human. To me he appears more "android-like" as he has no trace of a mouth, his nose is angular--not rounded, and his eyes are rectangular. To me, the Urfa Man is a statue of an ancient android.



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r urfa man.jpg
urfa man.jpg
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