T H E   S H A M A N   3

2020 Oil, mica on paper. (30 x 23") at $1100.

Signed, titled, dated on back and initialed on front.

T  H  E    S  H  A  M  A  N 

"Genuflecting to the gods and statue frozen, I’m feeling the strange tingling expanding outward from my lower back, engulfing my pelvic region, buttocks, groin, lower torso, and while this is happening I’m feeling blissful sensations emanating from my chest and forehead. My unexpected guest then proceeds to climb, slowly and deliberately, slithering in a snake-like spiraling motion up my spine, one vertebra at a time. The blissful energy seems to be dancing, swirling about, and as it continues to expand itself upwards to the top of my skull and outwards—enveloping my ribcage, chest, stomach, arms, legs, and feet—it’s creating intensely erotic feelings that are emanating from my groin that make me feel as if, well, as if my entire body has somehow become a sexual organ. Without warning, I am being fiercely aroused."

~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers, The Next Human


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