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V O G E L H E R D  2

2020 oil, mica pigment on paper. (30 x 44") at $1900.

Signed, titled, dated on back and initialed on front.

vogelherd 2.jpg

V O G E L H E R D   C A V E 

"The Vogelherd Cave is located in the eastern Swabian Jura, south-western Germany. This limestone karst cave came to scientific and public attention after the 1931 discovery of the Upper Palaeolithic Vogelherd figurines, attributed to paleo-humans of the Aurignacian culture. These miniature sculptures made of mammoth ivory rank among the oldest uncontested works of art of mankind. In 2017 the site became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Caves and Ice Age Art in the Swabian Jura."


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vogelherd 2.jpg
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