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W A N D J I N A  3

2020 Oil, Mica Pigment on Canvas (28 x 22" stretch framed) at $1600.

Signed, titled, dated on back and initialed on front.

wandjina 3.jpg

The Wandjina are cloud and rain spirits from Australian Aboriginal mythology that are depicted in rock art in Australia dating back to 2000 BCE. The spirits are depicted alone or in groups, vertically or horizontally depending on the dimensions of the rock, and are sometimes depicted with figures and objects like the Rainbow Serpent or yams. Common composition is with large upper bodies and heads that may show eyes and nose, but typically no mouth. Around the heads of Wandjina are lines or blocks of color, depicting lighting coming out of transparent helmets..



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r wandjina 3.jpg
wandjina 3.jpg
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