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I  N   T  H  E   S  T  U  D  I  O

"Multiversal Fine Art can be viewed from multiple perspectives and in multiple dimensions. This is why a variety of layers and techniques are used to fashion each piece. Allowing the work to form on its own volition, without interference from the egoic mind is the key to creating a shamanic work of art from the higher dimensional realms." 
~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers, Artist Statement

"I prefer working with heavy impasto, applying much of the paint with the palette knife with greater frequency than the brush. I then spray mineral spirits lightly onto the surface, allowing it to thin the paint after it is applied, creating an organic, more natural style of deterioration and entropy." 


~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers Artist Statement

"As an 'Urban Shaman,"

'I have learned over the years to take my mind out of the equation. This clears the path for a fashioning of trance-like visions to emerge on the surface ." 


~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers Artist Statement

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