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K   A   T   I   R   G   A   M   A

2015 Oil on Gessoed Archival Paper (30 X 23" unframed) at $720. SOLD.




T  H  E    K  A  T  I  R  G  A  M  A    T  E  M  P  L  E


In this Multidimensional Fine Art series, Origins, we explore our secret ancient origins which have been ignored by conventional archaeologists. Ancient gods and goddesses from a variety of cultures around the world, remnants of ancient cities dating back to the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria are depicted here in mystical abstract forms and brilliant iridescent colors.


The main temple in Katirgama, established by Siddha Boganathar, unlike all other temples, contains no carved image of God. Instead, Boganathar installed a mystic yantra sacred geometric design carved into a golden plate, representing within its form and mantra syllables, a crystallization of the great deity Shiva or Murugan. To this day the yantra plate is guarded from public view. Only the priests of the temple may view it.


Once a year, during an annual celebration which generally falls around the end of July, the yantra is carried from the shrine in a procession on the back of an elephant. The mystic power of this yantra was imparted by Siddha Boganathar for the benefit of all those who seek the assistance of Shiva or Murugan. Down through the centuries Katirgama has been the scene of many miracles.


The temple lies deep inside a forest, besides a small river, known as the Manicka Ganga. In this forest, from time immemorial, saints, sages, and siddhas have practiced austerities, and today the atmosphere is charged with spiritual vibrations.Kataragama is one in the list of sixteen sacred sites. Since ancient times it was closely associated with the worship of Kanta-Kumara or Karttikeya son of Shiva, the others being Natha, Pattini and Vishnu, who are still revered as Divine Deities..

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