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S   I   N   G   U   L   A   R   I   T   Y

2016 Digital, Infused Dyes Sublimated on Aluminum with Float Back Framing,
High Gloss Finish & Initials Engraved on Front (48 X 36") at $3900.

S  I  N  G  U  L  A  R  I  T  Y


"A physicist will be happy to teach you how you came to be, how you got here. But it’s left to the metaphysicist to offer insight as to why you are here. The term metaphysics, dating back to the works of Aristotle, simply means “beyond physics.” And as it turns out, Aristotle was right. hysicists can aptly explain how matter forms from energy, how atoms form from electrons, protons, and neutrons, and how people form from stars. But in spite of all the explaining of how things happen, we are still left with the age-old, unanswered question of how and why did space and time begin? 

The solution to the problem lies in the truth that everything that has a beginning must also have an end. Like a 0 or the number 8, the zero-point Source has no beginning, and therefore has no end. It was never the Source of the past and it will never be the Source of the future. It is only the Source of the eternal Now, in the ever-existing sea of cosmic consciousness.

To propose that the Big Bang was the advent of form which eventually evolved into us, i.e. the human brain and subsequently consciousness is false. The only thing that the Big Bang did was mark the beginning of a universe of form. As the ancient Greek philosopher Plato concluded from the observation of the world, concepts cannot be derived from experience, but can only precede it.


In other words, mind always comes before matter. For example, the idea of an airplane had to be envisioned by the Wright Brothers before they could design and fly it. Idea plus visualization plus intention plus action is the simple equation for every material form created since the beginning of the human race."

~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers,  The Next Human

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Email us at or text to 314.488.0027 and request to be invoiced. Please include your address so that we can calculate exact shipping fees. We welcome offers, have a 7-day return policy, and accept all major credit cards through Paypal.  

Aluminum Sublimation
Sublimation onto metal is a new, cutting edge, way to reproduce an image, but has been used in the textile industry for decades. Sublimation itself is the process of going from a solid to a gas, back to a solid - skipping the liquid state.The image is first printed onto a transfer paper and then is adhered to pretreated aluminum (other substrates such as tile, wood, or glass are also available).The aluminum and transfer paper are placed into a custom heat press, which is heated to temperatures exceeding 380 degrees Fahrenheit. While being subjected to extreme heat and pressure, the dyes from the transfer paper turn into a gas, are pressed into the surface of the metal, and then solidify into the treated aluminum. As the dyes cool they are permanently infused beneath the surface of the metal substrate.


Aluminum Float Backing

Fastening Metal Prints to allow them ready to hang with the illusion of float of the wall. Minimal, contemporary look. The aluminum float back system has a lip which provides for easy wall installments.

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