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V   E   S   T   A      1

2017 Oil on Canvas Paper  (20 X 16") at $290.

Initialed on front. Signed, titled & dated on back. Arrives unframed in a tube for safe shipping.


T H E   A S T E R O I D   G O D D E S S E S 

CERES: Awakening

Awakening is a preparatory phase in which the Next Human becomes consciously aware of the current mundane reality of “clay” that can be molded, reshaped, and reformed into whatever she dreams it to be. By shifting the field of awareness from lower to higher perspectives, the Next Human acknowledges the existence of a spiritual path. 

Ceres (Greek Demeter), the goddess of agriculture and the “Great Mother” (also our largest asteroid), symbolizes the burgeoning and fulfillment of the awakening process. As “the Usher of Seasons” she establishes a firm foundation upon which the remaining asteroids operate. Symbolizing the process of regeneration, i.e. birth, death and renewal, Ceres represents the first step toward transformation, evolution, and spiritual enlightenment.

VESTA: Purification

After the primal awakening, the Next Human now focuses her newly ignited spiritual flame inward so that a divine life may be born. This is known as “purification of the will and emotions.” This allows the initiate to “see” without the distractions of thoughts and feelings, surrendering the lower egoic will to the higher will of the Divine Source. 

Vesta (Greek Hestia), as the goddess of the sacred flame, symbolizes the burning desire of the spirit to look inward and focus this flame on transformation. It is through a laser-like focus of intention that this virgin goddess protects the inner flame of spirituality, allowing a "purification of the soul" in preparation for the next stage of evolution. Vesta in the horoscope defines where and how to focus our inner flame toward metamorphosis.

PALLAS: Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment is the fruit of the Next Human. By incorporating both right and left brain modes of thought the Next Human now moves from logical reasoning (left brain) to an intuitive, creative, unifying vision (right brain), which facilitates her evolution. This altered perception enables the Next Human to fully realize the true power of the Source. 

Pallas (Greek Athena), as the goddess of wisdom, represents the core essence of creative intelligence, i.e. “the arts.” This manifestation of the Pallas archetype actualizes the Next Human abilities of psychic powers, inspiration, creative wisdom, and vision of the future. The sign and house of Pallas in the horoscope indicates where and how the Next Human can utilize her creative intelligence to achieve enlightenment.

JUNO: Union

Traditionally the final stage in the Next Human’s evolutionary journey is preceded by a challenging phase archetypically described as “the Dark Night of the Soul.” Once the Divine has been fully realized through enlightenment, there is often a period where this spiritual presence fades. Depression and anxiety temporary returns, however, with a resurge of creativity and focus, the Next Human can overcome this obstacle. Union, or more accurately, “Re-Union,” with "the One" culminates this journey. This is when the Next Human transcends her ego, reinstating peace, balance, and tranquility to her soul.  

Juno (Greek Hera), as the goddess of union and marriage, transcends the ego and ultimately experiences the Divine in another. In this respect she represents the Divine Union of “Twin Souls.” Juno in the horoscope indicates where and how the Next Human can transcend personal ego and reach union with the One.

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