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Raising the frequency of our beloved planet, one painting at a time . . . 

I’ve always looked at Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man as a somewhat incomplete sketch...


Vitruvian Goddess is a depiction of Venus, Aphrodite, or Inanna, depending on Roman, Greek, or Sumerian culture. Venus is always depicted as a 5-pointed star, ergo, the pentagon is used here to depict her loving, healing, nurturing, and vibrational geometry. 


Da Vinci would have put his life on the line had he dared to portray his Vitruvian Man in an idealistic geometric form with the arms depicted in the overhead vertical position, reaching toward the heavens. This would have been blasphemous since it was synonymous with a 5-pointed star in a circle, typically associated with witchcraft; taboo in the Renaissance era, since the Church was well aware of the threat that this revived ancient knowledge might pose.

Our intention on this websitis to harness this Goddess healing energy to help rejuvenate the planet, bring in the green, heart-chakra-generating energy of Gaia to restore and transform Her and our species back to perfect health, peace, and tranquility.


Becoming aware of our own divine powers is the path to the Next Human.


Smells Like Tee SpirtCoopex, Nito-Onna & CPX

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