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2 0 0 9 - 2 0 2 0  O R  I  G  I  N  S

S  E  C  R  E  T    O  R  I  G  I  N  S


"..the Mayans were aware that every 13,000 years, or one-half of an axial precession, the location of Mother Earth’s kundalini and root chakra changes location on her surface. This circular area of highly concentrated life force energy encompasses about 700 miles in diameter. For the last 13,000 years, the kundalini of the Earth has been located in the western mountains of Tibet, and the precessional cycle of 13,000 years before that, on Atlantis, which is the location where the Atlantean inner priesthood dwelled, the Nakkal Brotherhood." 

~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers, The Next Human

In this Multiversal Fine Art series via mystical abstract forms and brilliant iridescent colors, we explore our secret ancient origins that conventional archaeologists have ignored. Relics and abstract depictions of countless alien-like figures from geoglyphs, hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, statues, sculptures, figurines, cave drawings, and the like, are depicted here from a wide variety of mysterious and highly developed cultures, dating back to our distant past and the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.


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