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A E O N   2 1
2023 oil, acrylic, earth (mica, gypsum, clay, resin, gravel), mesh, gilding on stretched canvas (20 x 16") at $490.

aeon 21.jpg



Confucius one said that if you your aim is to define the future then you must first study the past. In this highly mysterious and powerful new series we will explore the secret origins of our beloved human species and the nebulous and archaic cultures that have inhabited our planet throughout history. Ancient esoteric structures, reliefs, symbols, and glyphs are fashioned here to emulate the original artifacts as if they've been subject to entropy for an AEON. I believe that when we finally learn the truth about our secret origins, i.e. panspermia, genetic engineering, nuclear and anti-gravity technology, we will be far more qualified to solve the species-threatening problems and challenges that we all face today.

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aeon 21.jpg
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