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M A S K E D  Q U E E N  1 2


Traditionally the final stage in the Next Human’s evolutionary journey is preceded by a challenging phase archetypically described as “the Dark Night of the Soul.” Once the Divine has been fully realized through enlightenment, there is often a period where this spiritual presence fades. Depression and anxiety temporary returns, however, with a resurge of creativity and focus, the Next Human can overcome this obstacle. Union, or more accurately, “Re-Union,” with "the One" culminates this journey. This is when the Next Human transcends her ego, reinstating peace, balance, and tranquility to her soul.  

Juno (Greek Hera), as the goddess of union and marriage, transcends the ego and ultimately experiences the Divine in another. In this respect she represents the Divine Union of “Twin Souls.” Juno in the horoscope indicates where and how the Next Human can transcend personal ego and reach union with the One.

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