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W  A  N  K  A  K  I  L  L  I    4

2019 Oil on Archival Paper (24 X 18" unframed) at $720.

wankakili 4.jpg



T  H  E    W  A  N  K  A  K  I  L  L  I    Y  O  G  I  S


In this Multidimensional Fine Art series, Origins, we explore our secret ancient origins which have been ignored by conventional archaeologists. Ancient gods and goddesses from a variety of cultures around the world, remnants of ancient cities dating back to the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria are depicted here in mystical abstract forms and brilliant iridescent colors.


Patronizing the Inkan holy sites during their heyday were certain groups of seekers who practiced many of the traditional techniques of Yoga, such as controlled breathing, stretching postures, meditation and sexual tantra. One such group, the Wankakilli or “Andean Yogis,” observed such disciplines to awaken the Kori Machakway and then proved their mastery over the inner fire by sitting upon blocks of ice and complete;ly melting them with the power of their inwardly generated heat alone. This amazing feat can only be accomplished when the serpent fire has been thoroughly spread through the entire body of a yogi adept.


The Wankmkilli Yogis are famous in history for their spiritual accomplishments, as well as for having placed a hex on the gold given to Pizzaro and the conquering Spanish Conquistadors as ransom for the Inka priest king, Athaulpa. This curse created many future difficulties for the country of Spain.



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If you prefer to buy direct from the artist, please email us or text to: 314.488.0027. We welcome offers, have a 7-day return policy, and accept all major credit cards through Paypal.

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wankakili 4.jpg
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