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H    E    X    A    G    R    A    M      1    0 

T  R  E  A  D  I  N  G    C  A  R  E  F  U  L  L  Y

2015 Oil, Acrylic on Gessoed Cotton Archival Paper (44 X 30") at $1500.


B   O   O   K    O   F    C   H   A   N   G   E   S


This contemplative series is based on the ancient Chinese I Ching, also known as the "Book of Changes" in English, an ancient divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics. There are a total of 72 Hexagrams (only 64 are known) which are ancient "bar codes," each one arranged in a unique sequence, assigning it a multidimensional frequency. When viewed by the observer, the resonance received from the code of forms in each piece emanates a "visual software" that has a metamorphic effect on the viewer.



H  E  X  A  G  R  A  M   1 0

by James Legge


"The character giving its name to the hexagram plays an important part also in the symbolism; and this may be the reason why it does not, as the name, occupy the first place in the Thwan. Looking at the figure, we see it is made up of the trigrams Tui, representing a marsh, and Ch'ien, representing the sky.


Tui is a yin trigram, and its top line is divided. Below Ch'ien, the great symbol of strength, it may readily suggest the idea of treading on a tiger's tail, which was an old way of expressing what was hazardous. But what suggests the statement that the tiger does not bite the treader? The attribute of Tui is pleased satisfaction. Of course such an attribute could not be predicated of one who was in the fangs of a tiger.


The coming scatheless out of such danger further suggests the idea of progress and success in the course which king Wan had in his mind. And that course was propriety, the observance of all the rules of courtesy. On these, as so many stepping-stones, one may tread safely amid scenes of disorder and peril."


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